vrijdag 25 november 2016

Trigger Happy - The story of Iván Eladio Torres

Iván Eladio Torres was a 26 years old construction worker who helped streetkids to stay away from criminality by offering them shelter and organizing activities. In 2003, police officers abducted him in the presence of multiple witnesses. These witnesses almost all died under suspicious circumstances. Iván is still missing, while the 15 police officers accused for his captivity and ill-treatment remain in service. 

Esteban Cánepa (1976) is an illustrator and comic artist. He has published in both printed media and online, directed a number of awarded short films, and collaborated with national and international advertising campaigns. He has also contributed with illustrations, audiovisuals and posters to several human rights campaigns, including the series ‘Historietas por la Identidad,’ and made a series of drawings during the Human Rights trials which were later exposed at the Ex-ESMA.