woensdag 15 juni 2016

Trigger happy: Stories of police and institutional violence

Almost all of the comic artists who contributed to the series ‘Historietas por la Identidad,’ also participated in the project ‘Trigger Happy: Stories on police and institutional violence’.

The series is currently in development and will include at least 10 stories. Each comic tells the story of an individual victim of police and institutional violence. The families of the victims were involved in the project from the beginning. Most of the cases focus on the stories of young men from the marginalized neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and other cities. Taken together, the cases show how institutional violence is sustained by a wide range of factors. These include the widespread corruption of the police and the judiciary, but also the generalized criminalization of the victims in the media and through public opinion.

The aim of the series is to raise awareness amongst the public about police and institutional violence, as well as to inform potential victims of institutional violence about their rights when confronted with this type of situation. Once finalized, the comics will be used to reach out to a broader (and younger) public. The comics are also available online.

See: http://historietas-violenciapolicial.blogspot.com