woensdag 15 juni 2016

Historietas por la Identidad – Comics for Identity

'Historietas por la Identidad’ was developed in the context of the awareness raising campaigns of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo). These campaigns aim to reach out to society, but particularly to the generation of the 500 disappeared children, now between 35 and 40 years old. These children were  either abducted together with their parents or born in captivity. They were appropriated by couples affiliated with the military regime, and grew up unaware of their origins and true identity. The ultimate goal of the campaigns is to stimulate young men and women with doubts about their identity to approach the Abuelas.

The project is realized with the voluntary collaboration of illustrators, script writers and comic artists. Each story is told from the perspective of the brother or sister looking for his or her relative. The comics are almost all in black and white to make printing and distribution easier. They all include photographs of the brothers and sisters, so that persons who doubt their background may recognize a resemblance and come forward.

The project started in 2006, and over 40 comics have now been made. Exhibitions were organized both inside and outside Argentina. In 2015 all of the comics were gathered in a single publication, Historietas por la Identidad, a collaboration between the Abuelas and the Archivo de Historieta y Humor Gráfico Argentinos, Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno.

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