zaterdag 23 juli 2016

Trigger Happy - The story of Ezequiel Demonty

Ezequiel Demonty was trying to get a taxi with his two friends when the police dragged them into a car, beat them and forced them to jump into a stream. His two friends managed to reach the shore, but Ezequiel  drowned.

Fabián Zalazar (1969) is a comic artist who has published in and outside Argentina, both in printed media and online. He has also made animations for television channels such as Canal 13 and TN, and has participated in various exhibitions. He currently publishes an online comic series with the magazine ‘Maten al mensajero,’ which comes out once a week.

Federico Reggiani (1969) is a librarian, professor of literature, and comic writer. He has published several books, including two with comic artist Angel Mosquito. He is also a co-founder of the comic blog ‘Historietas Reales’, was co-director of the research project ‘Studies and critique of the comic’ with the National University of Córdoba, and has published several academic papers on comics.